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Land Services Group began as Cunningham Surveyors in 1983. Mr. Cunningham actually began as a surveying apprentice in 1974 when he was only 14 years old. Throughout the years we have diversified into many areas of surveying, but have always prided ourselves with offering quality property line surveying services. In the mid 80’s, we started working on gas pipeline surveying projects and adding key personnel. Since that time we have branched into planning, designing, permitting, construction staking, and as-built surveying services for pipeline and gas well projects.

Currently, we have a fully staffed CAD department including expertise in Erosion and Sedimentation planning. We also have service contracts with experts in Forestry, Environmental, Habitat, Geological, as well as almost all phases of Engineering services. Collaboration with these professionals has allowed us to become a full service provider for many forms of developments as well as in the Gas Facilities world.


To provide surveying services throughout our area of service that will leave a legacy of respect and admiration for the quality of products that we produce.

Surveying is a profession that leaves a trail in history. It will be in the future, based on our recorded documents, our marks on the ground (be it corners placed, lines marked, or the ability of our mapping to be retraced), that our contribution to growth and development in our geographical area of work will be judged. We all know those in the past, based on these attributes, have been ranked high or low as to their contributions to their service area. Did this professional have the reputation of reliability for the products they produce? Are their marks on the ground found to be accurate and in accordance to the title they represent? Most importantly, have the courts generally upheld their products when tested? I use the word generally because NO ONE ever gets it right all the time. The question is whether you strive to reach perfection each and every time.


Cunningham Surveyors hold the records of:

  • Paul M. McCarthy, R.S.
  • Neal W. Costley, P.L.S.
  • Roy E. Gilbert, R.S.
  • Boyer Kantz, R.S.
  • Don Ulrich, R.S